About us

The founder of realestate-bradenton.com has been successfully active in the real estate business for over 20 years. With our strong bonds with realtors, investors, brokers and property managers, our roster of clientele range from large, multi-generational property owners to the first-time, single unit buyers. Our services are scalable and we thrive on individualistic approach to property management. Backed by our founder and owner of a brokerage and management company our knowledge and expertise is customizable and caters to our clients’ specific needs.

At realestate-bradenton.com, our core area of operation within the property management and real estate business covers the purchasing of property, selling, and investing in property development management projects as well as dedicated property management. The investment leg of our property management and real estate offering targets both domestic and international investors, ensuring the availability of and access to the burgeoning real estate and property market in the Florida area.